Sorry I Died for a Minute, I'm Back Now

Jacob Galeotti

        My name is Jake Galeotti. I’m the person behind this brand. If you’re reading this, you’re probably somebody I went to highschool with, or a family member. On the off chance that you aren’t, however, hello. Thanks for being interested enough with the brand to find this blogpost. It’s currently a Monday night. I’m still grimy from working all day and playing basketball afterwards. I just finished doing the dishes from dinner - Chimichurri Barramundi - It was pretty good. I am now sitting at my desk typing this out with no idea of what this is supposed to be. I just thought I’d force myself to write something and maybe it would turn out to be kinda cool. I at least thought that it might be helpful to myself to see my own thoughts written down. I’ve been having trouble focusing as of late, and writing shit down can sometimes help me sort things out. Almost a year ago, I set my website to private and stopped promoting any clothing. At the time it was meant to be a temporary thing, just to give me some time to build the next drop and remodel the layout of the site. I had some pretty cool plans, a blog, a digital art gallery, profiles on local artists, and higher quality clothing/art. It was meant to be a temporary thing, but as time went on, I lost motivation, and eventually I pretty much stopped thinking about SGD at all. The only time I would ever think about the brand, was when I would get upset with myself for giving up on it. I don’t know why, but all of that energy and passion that I once had just dissipated. Without a passion project to work on, I am unbelievably bored. All I’ve been doing for the last year is waking up, checking my phone, working, playing basketball, and not getting enough sleep. And for the life of me, I haven’t been able to get myself back on track. It’s like I had a stroke, and the only part of my brain that died was the section in charge of creativity. Everything is so plain and bland. It's lame. I miss making art that I’m proud of. I miss having goals that aren’t just fiscal. The only part of  my life that’s in an uptrend is my money situation, and although I do have a desire to be financially free, I could care less about the money I’ve been earning. It just doesn’t excite me. I hate to get all woe is me, but I told myself that I would write whatever came to mind, and this is it. I see how if I were to put this up on the site, it might seem kinda ironic considering the fact that a good chunk of my brand’s message emphasizes the act of seeing both the bad AND the good in life. And everything I’ve written so far is super negative. But honestly, that description of the brand is way too two dimensional. My brand doesn’t just solely emphasize good and bad. That shit alone is corny. My brand emphasizes the experience of life, and how beautiful every moment is. Every overcast morning listening to the birds, every teardrop shed when losing a loved one, every mind numbing car ride on the way to do some scheduled task with no possibility of surprises. All of that shit is beautiful, because all of that shit is a part of life. So even though I am not having fun right now, I’d say this is right on par with the brand. Because anything - as long as it is an expression of life - is on par with SGD. SGD isn’t just some positivity brand. It isn’t a money grab brand with no depth or thought. It definitely isn’t a shock value brand solely meant to be a fuck you to your parents. It’s just my way of telling the world - all of you - that I am alive and actually experiencing life. For the last year, I’ve been dead. And hopefully - fingers crossed - today I get back to living. If I don’t drop any clothing for another year, don’t worry about it. I’ll come back again. This isn’t my first many-months-long gap of doing nothing for the brand, and it probably won’t be the last. But fuck it, I guess that’s just life. As long as I’m not doing what I know I love, I’ll never miraculously begin to feel whole. So unless I get really into something else and end up falling in love with that instead, you can expect to see me do something with SGD. I guess writing shit down did kinda help me. Maybe it will help you? I guess if you’ve read this far, my advice to you is to never fully stop doing the things that you love. A year long hiatus? Sure I guess, but as long as you always come back to doing what you love and what makes you the best version of yourself, then that’s a life well lived. At the end of my life, my number one hope is that I don’t regret how I’ve spent my time. This last year didn’t really help put me to ease, so I guess I better get back to work. New SGD coming soon.

Love you all, thanks for reading.