SUNGODDEVIL was initially established in Spring of 2019 to combat a way of thinking that has seemingly taken hold of many people in recent years. This way of thinking is one that focuses on the negatives in daily life - and life as a whole - without acknowledging and appreciating the positives. Furthermore, those with this mindset also seem to judge themselves and others too harshly. Far too often, we let our struggles and failures define us without ever taking lessons from them. This lifestyle is one that many people accept as their reality, and at one point, was one that the founders of the brand had accepted as theirs too. But as life went on, we began to realize that there is no sense in lingering and stressing on everything that is bad, and thankfully, we decided to actively search for the good.

     The deeper we looked, the clearer things became. Whether they were in our daily lives, or in the grand scheme of things, whether they were tangible, or intangible, we found a plethora of reasons to be thankful. 

     At the beginning, our brand’s message was to acknowledge the dark while also appreciating the light - to find a balance in life. We pushed the ideal that there is just as much positive as there is negative, and that for the most part, your perspective of the world around you and your personal choices on what to spend time and energy on, would decide the quality of your life more than anything else.

     Since SGD’s conception, our message and values have expanded into a sort-of philosophy that we personally try to follow as best as we can in our real lives. We are now promoting the importance of unity, community, humility and most important - empathy. We acknowledge the fact that in society today, division is one of the largest issues of our time. Be it political, race oriented, religiously based, or focused on sexual orientation and identity, tensions seem to be at an all time high amongst mankind. Why waste your life getting angry at others for being different than you when we can celebrate everything that unites us instead? We know that there is an infinite amount of similarities between one random person and another than there are differences. The fact that we were lucky enough to have been born in the same era - nonetheless to have been born at all - is a rarity worth celebrating.

     We use our clothing as an outlet to express our philosophy. By designing and screen printing our messages onto our clothing, as well as sometimes dipping into the cut-and-sew art style, we hope to spread our messages and to give our own unique narrative on the experience of life. When you purchase a SUNGODDEVIL product, you become part of the SUNGODDEVIL family. As part of our family, we call on you to spread our message so that we can affect the most lives as possible. Your voice can make a difference. Trust us, we know. We used to doubt the power of ours.